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コア英和辞典: 英語と日本語で気楽に検索して アクセントで学ぶ総合英単語

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Who can make you study SAT vocabulary?

So, in this lecture I’m going to share with you exactly how I did this whole process myself because I have ALWAYS felt capable with SAT vocab and never had to stress or worry about it, and I want you to have the same good experience that I did.

That being said, after all these years I’ve found a few I really like. In this lecture I give a few of my favorite SAT vocab books and lists available to order on Amazon and tips on independent free reading.

Done right, SAT vocab and reading enrich YOU more than anybody else.

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No matter how little time you have to build your SAT vocabulary, ACTION will be rewarded and LAZINESS will be punished. There are no shortcuts that will work. Trying for loopholes like roots and prefixes, for example, is likely to backfire.

In the short term, cramming SAT vocabulary presents problems. It’s hard to keep everything straight, it’s time consuming, and you might not have enough time to learn as many new words as you would like to.