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Who Says You Can't? You Do


"Oh Say Can You Say" The Brain and Language: Birds do it

I used to sit beside a woman at work that loved Adam Sandler movies. When we were having stressful days, we would sing “I feel pretty” to each other (Anger Management). When either one of us was feeling overwhelmed, the other would look over and say “You can do it!” just like Rob Schneider. Who says you cannot learn something from Adam Sandler movies? We would always end up having a good laugh and it helped us get through the day.

The Never Say Can’t Foundation would like to thank all who attended the 4th Annual Baseball Showcase and the Inaugural Softball Showcase. Your active participation made these events a resounding success!!!

Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds - Live Science

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Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds.

Scientists say they can now download signals from your brain — and translate them back into a picture that you saw. The images aren't crystal clear, but you can make out what's going on.

My mom is my role model because she love me. and take care of me all the time. My mom teach me to not say I can’t do it. because you need to push yourself and try your best on everything and never quit when you in college because you what to have job’s in you’re life. And one thing I like these person and the person is Sam hairston because he plays for Houston Texas .and he never quit for going for university of houston
And that is my role model