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There are so many science kits for kids on the market, it’s hard to separate the ones that are educational and fun from the ones that are duds. Here are my picks for the top science kits on the market for 2016. I’ve added links so you can compare prices for the kits online, but many of these sets are also sold at stores, like Toys R Us, Michaels, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

The curious minds of scientists form at an early age, which is why Growing Tree Toys offers a large variety of Science Kits and Toys covering a myriad of topics! In addition to offering exciting Science Kits for kids of all ages, we provide those scientific minds such wonderful Science Toys like toy dinosaurs, astronomy toys, and microscopes for kids. Simple or complex, our Science Kits and Toys for kids are the very best! Check out our wonderful science selection from such brands as , , , and !

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    Perfect for science fair projects, volcano kits are an informative and interactive way of learning about the inner workings of the Earth while creating an exciting, and sometimes messy, reaction. As the reaction builds inside the volcano, parents will see the anticipation build on their child’s face before lava spews out of the volcano’s crater. Alternatively, weather kits will let your child play the role of a real meteorologist as he or she gains hands-on experience tracking and testing the Earth’s climate changes. In order for children to continue learning about the Earth, our Earth Science kits for kids include activities that are environmentally friendly and teach the importance of caring for the planet. Green Science kits make “reduce, reuse, recycle” the center of attention as your child learns about the greenhouse effect, alternative energy, and water purification. Your child will love playing with these products while still acquiring knowledge of general science concepts like the scientific method, experimental procedures, and proper measuring techniques in a simple and safe manner.

    How could anything be more exciting than mixing up mysterious liquids in your childhood laboratory, building a top secret robot in the dead of night or studying suspicious insects under a microscope? Kids love science kits, and exploring all of the world that they open up for them! There is so much to learn, create and discover!

    Today, there are more options than ever when it comes to science kits. From serious activities with a big educational impact, to ultra cool kits that are made to amaze and everything in between, we can help you get shopping for the right kit down to a science!