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I probably watched most of my Scooby Doo in the early 80s in the UK, when I was really young. Growing up in the Far East though, I watched The Simpsons from the beginning, and still do despite their recent boring and not so funny seasons.

I have loved Scooby Doo since I was a young boy, although seem to be the only one who likes brave Scrappy Doo even more, he provides a wonderful balance to Scooby and Shaggy's fear.

Velma discovers she's inherited her great-great-uncle Dr

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Join forces with America's favorite crime-fighting, caper-solving friends: the gang from Scooby Doo! Get out your crayons for some printable mystery machine fun with the Scooby Doo Gang; Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred, Velma to print! Click on a link below. When the printable picture has loaded, click on the print icon to print it.

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I was in France last week and watched Scooby Doo in French...even not understanding a word of the language it still appeals. I guess it has real a real timeless and borderless appeal, and I still love watching it at 28. But I have moved on from the Scooby Doo wallpaper, quilt cover, lamp shade and headboard that I had when I was 8. And yes, please let Scrappy get caught by the dog catcher!

I've been watching Scooby Doo since I can remember, I used to come home from school and watch it while having my tea... now I watch it when I come home from work. Why? It's funny and quite frankly you don¿t need to think, you sit back and let Mystery Inc do what they do best!