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Sesame Street Elmo's On the Go Letters


Sesame Street Alphabet Art Print by Mike Boon | Society6

The Sesame Street Alphabet Placemat's colorful, laminated design features subjects that directly correlate to skills and subjects that children must master in preschool through the primary grades. The exciting content and brightly colored graphics of the Sesame Street Alphabet Placemat can be used in a variety of settings to engage children in learning.

The Sesame Street Magic Alphabet Set is a 1988 set. On the box cover, and explain that an apple can "change like magic" into the letter . This is accomplished by spinning an object under two different colored pieces of plastic. One color reveals the object, and the other color reveals the letter written on it.

Sesame Street Alphabet Art Print by Mike Boon

  • "The Sesame Street Alphabet" (plays during end credits)
  • Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen - Teachers With Apps