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These SEXercises  have worked for more than 95 % of 'premature ejaculators'.


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Sexercises, isometric and isotonic.


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Get up and rock your body with these four sexercises that will lead to better sex.

The Sexercise Book

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SeXercise: Interval Aerobic Workout

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Summary of Sexercise 9 – The Whirlpool Together

Like a camper facing the last night of summer, I thought I might feel nostalgic on my last day of sexercise, but instead I am relieved. I’ve already told my husband that I'm done with sex. Forever. But first, we will go out with a bang. We're going to use a prop: a large fitness ball.

The main sex muscle is the pubococcygeus or PC muscle. This muscle contracts at the rate of once every 8 seconds in both sexes during orgasm. The rediscovery of the value of this muscle is credited to Arnold Kegel, a California physician, who developed the famous Kegel exercises in the 1950s to ease childbirth and stave off incontinence some women experience from pressure on the bladder during pregnancy. However, these muscles also have a profound effect on the intensity of orgasm for men and women.
Indeed, Kegel exercises are a re-discovery. Effective sexercises have been practiced in China and India for thousands of years. The Eastern sexercises were developed in cultures that placed less emphasis on the genital orgasm. Currently, sex experts tout the development of the PC muscle and other sex muscles as a way to achieve, intensify, prolong and control genital orgasm in both sexes. Given our culture’s endless stress on exercise, it’s bizarre that exercising your sex muscles isn’t more in vogue.

Summary of Sexercise 7 – Hip Circling

Now some choose to use sexercise to get rid of the weight, and those are the ones that every male crew member hopes to get and keep.

Summary of Sexercise 10 – Tuning In

I also saved this night for last because we are staying in a hotel, and I plan to steal the ball from the fitness room. What atrocities will I not commit in the name of sexercise?

Ball sexercise has one rule: try to stay on the ball. First my husband sits with his butt on the ball, leaning back, with me on top. We desperately work our cores to stay balanced, but end up wedging our feet against the walls and floor. The ball is bouncy and I pretend I’m on a human , officially reducing to an exercise machine. Then my husband tries to be on top, but the higher center of gravity sends us crashing to the ground.