Title: Shadows Over Camelot (03 Oct 2013)

Shadows Over Camelot


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I’m very happy to report that my years of patiently waiting paid off when I finally received a copy of Shadows Over Camelot for my birthday this year! Oh, happy day!

So far we haven’t played Shadows Over Camelot all together so we don’t have a report from the damsels in our family. But as you can see, Caleb loves joining in the fun too. And since it’s a cooperative game, it makes playing with the family a great option. So those that are younger or may be reluctant could still enjoy the interaction.

Shadows over Camelot: A Company of Knights Contents:

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Shadows Over Camelot is a game that I (dad) first saw in 2006 and immediately got excited about it. It was the first cooperative board game that I had come across – which in and of itself sounded like a great thing for family gaming and a good reason to pick up a copy. Then you add the fact that it’s about being knights of the round table and heading off on quests – and I was sold.

How many players should you have to play Shadows Over Camelot?
The first time we played, we only had 3 knights on board and we squeaked out a win – or so we thought. After playing through we consulted the rulebook again (to make sure we played correctly), and we found that we had missed one of the quest rules. And it was an important one. If we had played correctly, the black swords would have overtaken our round table and we would have lost to the powers of evil.