Anthony C. Ferrante, director, Sharknado 3

Dear : please follow up SHARKNADO with PARTLY CLOWNY. Sky. Clowns. Michael Pare (probably)


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The release date of Sharknado 4 is set to July 31, 2016 on SyFy.

Sharknado 2: Rifftrax Live

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Want to be an extra in SHARKNADO 4..tell me when? And where??

According to the AIR release, its scientists and engineers will immediately begin investigation into this emerging risk in order to determine the feasibility of a SharkNado catastrophe model.

“The SharkNado is the kind of peril that keeps me up at night,” Scott Stransky, senior scientist at AIR, stated in the release. “I have always believed that something of this magnitude was possible, but nothing can prepare you for when the SharkNado actually arrives. Of course we extend our condolences to those affected by this event, but as a climate scientist this is an unbelievable opportunity to learn about a new peril.”


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Boston-based catastrophe modeler AIR Worldwide released estimates on insured losses from the “SharkNado” event, which the firm on Friday said will likely exceed $100 billion.

The catastrophe played out on the Syfy Channel on Thursday night, lighting up Twitter as the top trend all evening from coast to coast, and now the campy disaster flick “SharkNado” has some solid catastrophic loss estimates for insurance professionals to sink their teeth into.