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Cover of Sharpe's Fortress (The Sharpe Series) by Bernard Cornwell

Best-selling novelist Bernard Cornwell crafts a thrilling tale from his immensely popular Richard Sharpe series. In 1809 Lieutenant Sharpe and his riflemen are in Portugal, preparing for Napoleon’s next strike. The smaller English force will probably pull out before it’s too late, but not Sharpe. His orders are to find the missing daughter of an English wine shipper. Just as Sharpe and his men begin their mission, the French launch their punishing assault.

Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe series takes its hero to the battle of Waterloo--and beyond. Several novels are the basis of a television miniseries. He was born in London and lives in Chatham, Massachusetts.

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The Sharpe series was the first series undertaken by ..

Sharpe then serves in the Penisular Wars in Portugal, Spain and France. He earns his Captiancy by capturing a French Eagle at Talavera, only to lose the rank due to army bureaucracy. He wins his rank back againby leading the charge through the breach in Badajoz. Sharpe is made a Major by his greatest fan, the , and finally makes Lieutenant Colonelby joining the staff at Waterloo.

Born to an alcholic whore who leaves him a Foundling Home, Sharpe grinds bones and picks apart tarred ropes for a livinguntil sold as a sweep, when he runs away. Found and cared for by , Sharpe embarks on his second career as a young theif, pickpocket, house breaker and highway man. On the run from the law for knifing one of Maggie's clients who'd gotten a bit aggro, Sharpe is recruited into the 33rd by one . Sharpe sees his first action at the age of 16 in Flanders. Sharpe then serves in India where he earns his Sergeant's stripes, killing the , and the lift to Lieutenant forsaving life at Assaye.