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Dracula by Bram Stoker [Annotated]

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Shelly Stokes Created from her hand dyed torn edges...way cool!

Candy Stoker is the daughter of Shelly Stoker. Like her mother, Candy is too comes from a long line of highly skilled knife throwers and she has always known of this talent since she was two years old. Though she doesn't want to be in the family business and she hated beauty pageants she doesn't wanna be in. She appeared alongside her mother in the epsiode "Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine" of . She was portrayed by Chloe Grace Moretz.

The Challenge
Shelly Stokes, President of Cedar Canyon Textiles, challenged her small quilt group to make some goodies using her products and mine. Shelly sells the Shiva Artist’s Paintstiks, and all things needed to paint on fabric. This includes the Paintstiks (paint in the form of a crayon), rubbing plates, stencils, brushes and a great DVD. You can see all of this on her website .

Shelly Stokes in her booth at Market, surrounded by Lazy goodies.

No man is. We're all alone. We're all alone in this world.
~ Shelly Stoker about her distrust for men.

Shelly Stokes - Rubbing Plate Roundup!

Later in 1981, Shelly Stoker and her mother enter the mother/daughter beauty pageant called "". Together they beat young and her and won the competition. From then on, that is when it was the reign of the Stokers.

Highly celebrated authors of both their era and that of the modern era respectively, Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley are regarded as monumental writes of the classical horror/gothic genre, making great strides towards modern literature, earning their rights to fame and becoming as iconic as their monstrous creations (Skal 1). Born on August 30th 1797 to philosopher William Godwin and Shelley Wollenstonecraft, Mary Shelley was destined for literary success, having been born as the affluent daughter of two of London’s most renowned enlightened thinkers (Bilger 10). Born nearly half a century later, Abraham “Stoker” Stoker was the son of a middle class Irish family who spent a majority of his childhood bed ridden and sheltered as a result of his crippling ailments (Hindley 1). It was not until Stoker turned twenty-two however, that the then young, bold and athletic mathematician would encounter his inspiration for his life-long obsession; writing. Albeit different in style and execution, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker are frequently considered to be literary intellectuals whom emulate one another’s capabilities, but upon further examination one reveals the truth behind this misconception; for the truth lies within the very composition of their horrific masterpieces. In this paper I will compare the similarities between Shelley and Stoker, and contrast the differences between them in efforts to determine the superior writer of the pair which will be specified and justified through the reasoning of facts.