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Shiloh (The Shiloh Quartet)


Shiloh The Book I'm listing their 1st book

Editor’s Note: Today seemed to be an especially appropriate time to revisit and update the post I compiled back in 2009. In that post, Shiloh students at the ranked their top 7 Shiloh books, with a first place vote garnering 7 points and a 7th place vote briging in just one point. The combined list is what I believe to be an excellent resource for those looking to further their knowledge of this famous and bloody battle. Similar lists of the and are also available.

I think this was an amazing book! I have read every single Shiloh book there is1 To me it seems like once you read it you get attached to it you feel like you are in the book! Like for me I felt like it was winter and I was reading it in spring! This is my favorite book ever! now all I have to do is find one on Pompeii!

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sorry about that first one,but Naylor please write another awsome Shiloh book,I know I'm on Shiloh Season but please,write another awsome Shiloh book,please.

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