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Ever heard a song on the radio and thought you could write a better one? Now's your chance! The Everything Songwriting Book provides you with all the tools you need to create perform and sell hit songs. Paperback

Robin Frederick has written more than 500 songs for television, records, theater, and audio products. She is a former Director of A&R for Rhino Records , Executive Producer of 60 albums, and the author of four top-selling songwriting books.

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MBTI and Collaboration - This article, published in the international Songwriters Market book, has been considered grounbreaking in its approach to one of the most important keys to success in the craft and business of music.
(expanded information can be found in Chapter 23 of the book)

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A new songwriting tips book titled ‘ aims to help aspiring writers steer clear of the many songwriting traps that they can easily fall into.

I took private lessons from Jai Josefs some years ago, long after I had started earning my living as a songwriter, and I immediately used everything I learned from him. Chord progressions, harmonizing melodies, and melodic composition are essential parts of a hit song whether it’s a Country, Rock, Pop, or R&B. Too often these things are under emphasized in songwriting books. I guess it’s easier to write about lyrics and melody than chord progressions.