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Shattered Virtue (The Shattered Series)


Sophie Eastlake | The Book Nympho

Narrated by Sophie Eastlake I’m a big fan of Sophie Eastlake’s narrations and I’ve enjoyed listening to her narrate a couple of Katie Reus titles before. So I happily requested Deadly Fallout for review. I’ve found Ms. Reus’ romantic suspense stories to have a good-for-me balance between romance and suspense, with the added bonus of …

Could not put this one down! As a whodunnit I was kept guessing longer than usual, and the "what/where/why" all came together nicely, with plenty of suspense, over the final few chapters. Neill's increasingly deft writing style & plot devices, plus her typically sympathetic handling of recurring characters, together made "Biting Bad" my favorite ibook n the series (so far).

As for narrator Sophie Eastlake, her frequent - and repeated - mispronunciations of certain words often made me wonder whether she or the line producer owned a dictionary between them! Happily, this seemed to be less of a problem in this volume, and I find her a competent narrator in all other respects. Here's hoping I'll find she's done her homework before recording in all her future titles.

Sophie Eastlake – All About Romance

  • I love Sophie Eastlake! I’ve have only listened to the first 2 books in the series (I just realized I do that a lot…LOL) I need to continue.
    I love her male interpretations! That is so important to me in a romance novel’s narration 😉
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    • Overall, this is a pretty good series, this is just a weak book. That happens sometimes. The male character, Quentin, is better than the female character Aryal. The narration is great. I will continue on with the series and hope that the next book is better.

  • Sophie Eastlake – Addicted To Romance

    Narrated by Sophie Eastlake I’ve been enjoying Katie Reus romantic suspense lately and with Sophie Eastlake as narrator I always know they will be reliably good listens. The Red Stone Security series is short (novella length), so if I’m not sure what to listen to next, this series also acts as an excellent palate cleanser. …

    Being a huge fan of Chicagoland Vampire books, this book was greatly anticipated. And, it does not disappoint. The story is well thought out, the characters (who by now are old friends) are fun to reconnect with, the writing is crisp and strong and Ms Neill's voice becomes more clear and effective with each successive book. Sophie Eastlake's performance is SPOT-ON!! She delivers a great and masterful interpretation of the dialogue; her voices match the characters (she does a damn good Ethan) and the intonation/inflection certainly indicates that she didn't just pick this book up and start reading it out loud. The relationship between Ethan and Merit continues to evolve and Ms. Eastlake's reading of them reflects exactly that. Of course, the read is contingent on the writing and Ms. Neill is getting stronger with every book. I sure hope the next one is out soon and that Ms Eastlake is once again in the driver's seat as the performer. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!