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Let’s give a warm welcome to Libros Arellano! I have been waiting for years for more Spanish children’s books by Latino authors from the U.S. Finally, options in publishing are making more Spanish books available. Libros Arellano are the kind of book I have been hoping for, and more important, they are exactly what kids want and need.

I looked and looked, searching for the “next step reading books” to use when teaching children Spanish. Most first level learn Spanish books or books for teaching toddlers or young children Spanish, show a cat picture with the word “gato.” I wanted something to begin Spanish grammar with simple repetition. All I could find were some classic books converted word for word to Spanish.

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Libros Electrónicos Gratis en Español - Free Spanish eBooks.

These books are intended for early readers in Spanish, but they are also an excellent read aloud for Spanish learners. These Spanish books for kids are written by Marianne Arellano Pazos, a bilingual second generation American, and illustrated by artist Diana Arellano. Read more about them on the . The books are available on

Teaching children Spanish at a very young age, as young as preschoolers or even toddlers has proven to be extremely beneficial. Young children learning Spanish have a higher retention level than when one learns as an adult. Try a mixture of our child Spanish books below to create a wonderful useful home library.