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I’m bringing you some of the most fantastic red back spider facts such as red back spider habitat, diet, and reproduction. The red back spider (Latrodetus hasseltii) is one of the most dangerous species that inhabits all throughout Australia but more commonly in temperate regions. These spiders belong to the genus Latroodectus. The female spider is easily distinguishable from its black body as well as distinctive red stripes that run over its upper body and abdomen. The females can grow to a size of one centimeter and while males are slightly being smaller. The red back spider bite can cause iantense pain and is highly toxic to humans. The pain can last for 24 hours. Let’s now discover all these interesting facts about red back spiders for kids.

Some creepy crawlies can be cute if you create them to be. One of the things I learned about drawing animals in a simple way is that they come out looking so much better, and even cuter than normal. I say this because the lesson you are about to tackle is showing you how easy it is to "draw a spider for kids", step by step. It’s not brain science realizing that drawing spiders is a pretty difficult task to take on. If you look back on some of my early works I think you will find that I too had difficulty drawing spiders in a neat, uniform manner. The more I became better with drawing; I also improved with making a spider look like a spider when I draw them out. Now that I know how it’s done, I want to show others how creating one of these eight legged creatures can be easy enough for anyone to one. So having said all that, I’ll let you get busy as you teach yourself "how to draw a spider for kids". I shall return good people of Dragoart so try and stay tuned in because there is more cute fun on the way.

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Photo description: This photo shows a close up view of a Chilean rose tarantula resting on the hand of someone brave. Also known as the the Chilean flame tarantula, it is likely the most common species of tarantula sold in pet stores due to the large numbers found in the wild in Chile. To learn more about tarantulas and other different types of spiders check out our range of fun spider facts for kids.


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You may have heard about the Brazilian Wandering Spider in the news recently. A women eating a banana found an egg sack full of babies in her home. It inspired me to bring people information about these neat creatures. Today has brought you amazing Brazilian wandering spider facts for kids! These very deadly arachnids are pretty awesome, and I thought they deserved for everyone to know more information about them.