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Check out this video from Steve Huff of , where he talks about his spirit box experiences.

The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

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P-SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device - 2015 Version - FM/AM equally balanced -Noise Cancellation

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Product: P SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device

The teenager Shelby Johnson is the daughter of Officer Dan Johnson and best friend of her schoolmate Becca. Halloween night, Becca proposes to Shelby to build a ouija board and do a séance. Their former friend Emily D'Angelo, who committed suicide in a lake, makes contact and she tells that she was murdered but does not give the name of the killer. The two girls investigate the case leaving Shelby's father Officer Dan Johnson upset. Soon they find a suspect and Shelby has a great surprise. "The Spirit Box" is maybe the best episode so far of Fear Itself, with a cast with Martin Donovan, Anna Kendrick and Mark Pellegrino. The creepy and tense story has a surprising plot point and a good conclusion. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "The Spirit Box" Written by

A question may be asked when the box is turned on, care should be taken that one person only ask questions at a time so as to avoid confusion.
To obtain the best results it is important that the persons present concentrate upon the question and avoid other topics. Have no one at the session who will not take the spirit box seriously and respectfully. If you use it in a frivolous way, asking ridiculous questions, laughing over it, you will attract unsuitable influences around you.
The spirit box is still a great mystery and I do not claim to give exact directions for its use, neither do I claim that at all times and under all circumstances it will work equally well. I Do claim that within reasonable patience it will satisfy your greatest expectation. The spirit/ghost box should be kept free from dust and moisture, do not store it in a damp place.

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What Is A Ghost Box or Spirit Box,

The P-SB11
Spirit Box is the latest Spirit Box device created by DAS. Results from paranormal enthusiasts, including its premier debut on a recent episode of Ghost Adventures proved to be encouraging. The P-SB11 features user selectable single and dual AM/FM Sweep capabilities, Adjustable Sweep Rates, Forward / Reverse Sweep, Dual Audio Outputs, Selectable AM/FM Antenna Attenuation, Built in high intensity Red LED Flashlight, Audio Mute while Sweeping, Adjustable volume, Visual & Audible Hot & Cold Spot Detection with selectable Sound. Future models of the P-SB11 can be further enhanced using DAS proprietary expansion modules for Natural Field Detection, SDD Shadow Detection, Vibration and other DAS modules.
Single or Dual Simultaneous Sweep AM/FM Select ability Adjustable Sweep Speeds – 50msec through 350msec in 50msec increments. Forward and Reverse Sweep Directions Adjustable Antenna Signal Attenuation Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD) Hot & Cold Spot Detection with Red / Blue LED Array High Intensity RED LED Flashlight Dual Simultaneous Audio Outputs Expandability & Upgrade Compatibility

If you are going to use a spirit box please don’t treat it as a toy. Please don’t disrespect those spirits that come through and please try to use it for a good purpose. Absolutely contact your loved ones and friends. Don’t get too focused on any cuss words or name calling that may come through and don’t fear it. Have a good laugh and move on to more important things. Listen to the messages and if you hear those cries for help, realize that those are people who were once living, who for one reason or another did not go to the light and please try to help them if you can. Remember this could be a child looking for their family or the little sweet old lady down the street who passed. Do not assume that all ghosts/spirits are bad with evil intentions. This is simply not the case. It could be your family members that I or others have contact with and certainly you would want them to be helped if needed. There are many wonderful books available on spirit rescue and it is very rewarding. As this becomes more popular (and I believe it will) I really am hoping much good will come out of this. My personal clues that a spirit may be stuck is they use such words as guilt, fear, dead, sad, scared, angry and they generally focus on negativity and earthly matters and they usually ask for help. Those who have gone to the light generally talk about good, happiness and love.