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SS Panzer SS Voices (Eyewitness panzer crews) Books 1 & 2: Barbarossa to Berlin

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While it is difficult now to understand why anyone would volunteer for the Waffen-SS, during the war the organisation was presented as a multinational force protecting Europe from the evils of Communism. In addition, training emphasised unit cohesion and mutual respect between officers and men, rather than strict discipline. In the Waffen-SS, it was not a requirement to salute officers and a more casual salute was adopted (the right arm raised vertically from the elbow - a relaxed version of the Heil salute. This salute is portrayed in many war films). Added to this, the practice of addressing a superior as Herr ("Sir") was also forbidden, with everyone up to Himmler being addressed simply by their rank.

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  • Chevelle SS by Dale Earnhardt Jr. '2011
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    On the way to Arizona, I appreciated the standard head-up display with its large, easy-to-see numbers. It helped me manage my speed through the long two-lane stretches of Interstate 10, which is notorious for speed traps. But more than a few times, my restraint lapsed and I just had to let the SS stretch its legs, dropping down a gear or two, mashing the right pedal, and eagerly awaiting the cathartic pops and burbles of the exhaust as I lifted off the throttle. The great thing is that other than that V-8 exhaust note and the SS badge on the rear, this car flies completely under the radar. Rarely was the sedan given a second glance by passersby, and even I had a hard time telling which one was the high-performance Chevy when the SS was parked next to a new Malibu. Senior features editor Jonny Lieberman said the SS “looks like something you’d thoughtlessly rent at Enterprise,” which is perfect for anyone wanting a sleeper. But for those who want their ride to be at least a little bit conspicuous, it’s not the ideal look. Many staffers took issue with the amount of chrome on the exterior. Even the wheels feature a gaudy chrome finish. Since there are currently no other factory wheel options, a set of less-shiny rims would be the first item on my to-do list if I bought a Chevy SS.