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Stacia Kane is an American writer of romantic erotica, , and . Kane lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her British husband and their daughters.

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    Stacia Kane's Chess Putnam series, aka Downside Ghosts, is a cross between Ghostbusters and Escape from New York, with black magic, greasers, drugs, human sacrifices, and a black 1969 Chevelle. This is the second in the series, after Unholy Ghosts and again features Chess Putnam, a full-fledged, heavily tattooed witch who works for the Church of Real Truth investigating harassment by the undead.

    Stacia Kane is the author of the gritty dystopian urban fantasy “Downside” series starring Chess Putnam and featuring ghosts, human sacrifice, drugs, witchcraft, punk rock, and a badass ’69 Chevelle. She bleaches her hair and wears a lot of black.