Pirates - Stagnetti's Revenge

Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge (R-Rated Version)


Pirates - Stagnetti's Revenge

To conclude this amazing story we have a threesome featuring Belladonna, Sasha Grey and Evan. He is still bragging about taking Stagnetti out. They in the captain’s cabin and the ladies want to apologize and convince him to change his mind about rescuing Sasha’s sister, the best way they know – by fucking him. Both of the girls took his cock deep in their mouth, before Bella offered her ass to him, but that didn’t last too long. The girls jerk him off together for a big splash at the end.

The adventure continues in this sexy sequel that finds Capitan Edwards and Jules teaming up to save Sarina by embarking on their most dangerous mission to date. Sarina is about to be executed, and her only hope for a reprieve lies in Capitan Edwards and Jules' ability to track down a barbaric pirate, and deliver him to the vengeful king. Little do the two adventurers realize that a group of pirates are scheming to resurrect the dreaded Victor Stagnetti. Now, as Stagnetti returns to seek supernatural revenge, Capitan Edwards and Jules are forced to face off against sword-fighting skeletons, Mayan dragons, and enormous sea monsters if they hope to make it back to the king and save the life of their beloved Sarina.

Title: Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge (Video 2008)

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Pirates - Stagnetti's Revenge

While Tommy and Katsuni were fucking Jesse, we had Bella, Sasha and Evan chasing them down in Sasha’s boat to rescue their friend. They start fighting, but then Stagnetti (Tommy) calls some evil skeleton warriors and eventually even some kind of a monster from hell just to defeat Evan, Bella and Sasha. Then comes Stephen St. Croix to the rescue with his own ship, but there is also Wu, helping with his good magic. At the end, good guys win; Evan finishes Tommy off and helps the girls to get back on their feet.

In scene eight Stagnetti (Tommy Gunn) is up with Jules and the Empress (Katsuni). He wants revenge and he does it the best way he can – fucking Jules hard. The lesbian play quickly turns into a rough sex where Jules services both of the bad guys – Tommy and Katsuni, with some deep throating, pussy licking and eventually hard fucking. Katsuni does anal here, but the scene is over before you get the time to enjoy it, ending with some cumswapping and kissing.