5 Strategies To Help You Step Up And Lead In the Living Room…

Step Up and Lead


Step Up and Lead - Common Valor

Stepping up and leading for equity requires a paradigm shift in thinking about equity, diversity and student learning. This paradigm shift requires the identification, examination and dismantling of existing mindsets in higher education that serve as catalysts for marginalization, inequity and intolerance. These mindsets impede the exploration and acceptance of difference as a core value in our democratic society and in effective educational environments.

Our hope is that this type of campus-based work will produce scalable and sustainable strategies that can further advance inclusive excellence and equity — while promoting accountability — as educators step up and lead, and address and respond to the question, “What will it take?”

Step Up and Lead was written to serve three purposes: 1

  • Bernard Haynes

    Great List. My #7 is to Keep It Simple. We deal with enough complex things in the world. I like to create simple tools and resources for people to incorporate in their leadership and living their vision.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Simple seems to be a winner around here Bernard. It’s a great way to step up and lead well.

  • Step Up and Lead by Frank Viscuso - PennWell Books

    The Norwalk Professional Firefighters' Association is proud to host the "Step Up and Lead" leadership seminar, presented by Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso.

    As stated in the Step Up and Lead for Equity: What Higher Education Can Do to Reverse Our Deepening Divides, “For generations, the United States has promised universal access to opportunity. It is part of our history and the engine of our economic and civic prosperity. But opportunity in America continues to be disproportionately distributed. The effects of the imbalance are evident. We have persistent gaps in education, income, and wealth, and these gaps are widening as our nation becomes more diverse.”