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110308 Episode 67- Lee Joon’s Destined to meet in Strong Heart

The variety team in SBS was actually divided over whether to discontinue Strong Heart, as the show is popular in the advertisement world and it still makes strong issues every week. There was talk of starting a second season of Strong Heart or changing the show′s format instead of starting a new show, but as the decision has been made, the show will give way to a new one.

Strong Heart became one of SBS′ biggest variety shows ever since it started up on October 6, 2009. It gathered attention for bringing together ′the Nation′s MC′ Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi. After Kang Ho Dong and left the show and Lee Seung Gi also decided to leave after hosting the show alone for a while, Shin Dong Yeop and Lee Dong Wook took over.

111102 AppleENews- Strong Heart Cuts

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On ‘Strong Heart‘ that was aired on the 15th, baseball player Lee Yong Kyu discussed the attention he received during the 2009 World Baseball Classic in the Korea-Japan match. Lee Yong Kyu was hit on the head by the ball thrown at him by the opposing team’s pitcher and the news made headlines left and right.

On December 10, Leeteuk’s handwritten letter sent from his training camp, after being drafted back in October, was read aloud on the latest SBS variety show “Strong Heart” broadcast.