Why did you decide to write Sugar Nation?

Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth Behind America's Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It


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Heather: According to Sugar Nation, you say that Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise because of 2 factors: decline in physical activity over the past century and an increase in the consumption of calories, particularly carbs. The lack of physical activity is obvious. We drive everywhere, we sit in front of computers, all day, etc. However, I’ve read different hypothesis regarding carb consumption. On my blog, I promote a low-sugar/whole foods approach to eating, but not necessarily low-carb. What about people with a healthy metabolism and normal insulin activity? How would you recommend they eat? Do you think everyone should keep carb intake to a minimum?

Heather: I often receive emails from girls who have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and I feel like it’s become a blanket diagnosis for doctors who cannot figure out why so many young women are suffering from amenorrhea and infertility issues. In Sugar Nation, you state that PCOS may offer clues to reactive hypoglycemia’s prevalence. Do you believe a high percentage of these women are simply pre-diabetic and might be able to reverse some of their PCOS symptoms with changes in diet and more physical activity?

Q: What is Sugar Nation [Hyperion; Hardcover; July 19, 2011] about

SUGAR NATION by Jeff O'Connell | Kirkus Reviews

Sugar Nation, a 2011 book by fitness writer Jeffrey O’Connell, is an honest, fresh look at the nutritional roots of insulin resistance and diabetes. Combining extensive research and personal experience, the author offers a compelling intimate account of his own battle with run-away blood sugar and its many effects. At the same time Jeff O’Connell takes on the advice of the medical establishment and drug industry which call for treatments which not only don’t help the condition but can make it worse.

Although the book is titled Sugar Nation, the author’s main point encompasses more than that: he uses a wealth of research to demonstrate that empty, refined carbohydrates and their prevalence in the modern food industry have caused an epidemic of insulin resistance, diabetes, and the accompanying conditions of high blood pressure and heart conditions.