Sustain Motivation when You're Struggling

Motivation Hacks for High Achievers: How to Get Motivated, Stay Motivated, and Double Your Productivity Overnight (Actionable Strategies for Sustained Motivation and Increased Productivity)

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Trouble Sustaining Your Motivation

Thus the secret to teaching your parrot to be more motivated is to keep training and challenging it! The more difficult stuff you can get it to do, the easier it will be to get it to do the easy stuff. Sustain motivation longer by diminishing the difficulty of tasks throughout a training session while increasing the reward value. Exercise your parrot's muscles and brain through extensive flight training. As your parrot becomes stronger, flying will be easier and likewise it will be more motivated to fly. So there's nothing silly about teaching your parrot dozens of tricks, it just makes the parrot even easier to teach something new. Have fun.

Taking time to reflect and ask yourself what your desired purpose and legacy might be is a vital first step. Then keep both in front of you and continually reframe your work through these lenses – it will help sustain motivation, fulfillment, and peak performance even through the toughest of times.

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Posted on May 14, 2013 04:28PM

[quote="cml":38saa86h]There is also the desirability of certain treats over others. This can be a great aide in training. There are two ways to improve motivation based on the relative value of different treats. You can generally use less favorable treats but then mark major success with the better treats. The other approach is to mix all treats and provide different ones randomly. This approach is good for sustaining motivation because the parrot never knows what it's going to get. It must keep trying because the next treat may just be a whole nut.[/quote:38saa86h] Which method do you use? I find that our fellas like 2 things as training treats, everything else isnt something they like enough. Sunflowers as regular treats, and almonds as supertreats. Other seeds are used to train them to like the carriers etc through being available only there.[/quote:38saa86h] Great question. I actually use both depending on what I'm trying to stimulate. For maintaining behavior I use the random treat method but when teaching something new I vary the reward with effort. The parrots are so smart they catch on. But as for the ineffectiveness of your treats (the fact that you can only use 2) tells me that you're feeding your parrot too much. Part of soliciting more motivation is having a greater pallet of treat foods at your disposal. As you stop overfeeding your parrots, you'll discover that foods like fruit, pellets, and practically anything they are capable of eating can become treats. In order to avoid overfeeding treats to my parrots (since I do a lot of training), I often just give pellets as treats. They don't complain cause those are pretty big treats compared to treat foods I use. But doing this makes the treat foods even more effective and thereby gets me even more motivation.

Use mindfulness for sustained motivation

You can practice and use mindfulness for sustained motivation. The benefits of mindfulness lead to a less stressed and more motivated you!

You can practice and use mindfulness for sustained motivation. The benefits of mindfulness lead to a less stressed and more motivated you!