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After looking at such a huge array of tarot card designs, I decided that my design would have a spiritual feel. I also had to incorporate the meaning of my star sign – ‘‘. My interpretation of strength is that it is about being in control, and having inner and outer confidence; using your strength without being aggressive. Many cards that I’ve seen have a female gripping a lion’s mouth. For my design, I used symbolism and illustrated just the lion’s face with hands at either side of its jaw. The hands indicate a subtle way of keeping the lion subdued. The lion looks assertive, but in a peaceful way. To give it a spiritual twist, I used dark colours in the background and placed stars, mediaeval symbols, with two half-moons, a sun, the Roman numeral, VII and an eternity symbol.

Registration Number: VA-101-718
Title: The Rider tarot deck / the original and only authorized ed. of the famous 78-card tarot deck / designed by Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite.
Description: 78 col. prints; cards in box.
Claimant: acU. S. Games Systems, Inc.
Created: 1971
Published: 22Dec71
Registered: 11Jun82
Author on Application: artwork & text on cards & box: U. S. Games Systems, Inc., employer for hire.
Previous Related Version: Appl. identifies tarot card designs as preexisting material.

Special Codes: 5/K

, he posted the arcana/tarot card designs, which you can see below

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