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I’ve heard “slugbooks” is one more place to find textbooks!

Renting saves you a lot of money up front, but it’s often not the best overall solution. The best way to save money on textbooks is to buy them used online and then sell them back to an online merchant at the end of the term. When you factor in the buy/sell prices, you usually end up spending less than if you had rented the book. It does, however, require more effort, so rental is a much more convenient and cheap option. A good site to check out is: . It will find the cheapest online prices when buying your books and the highest prices when it’s time to sell your books. I hope this helps!

I saw a segment on the news about a month ago which reported the trend of students renting college textbooks. What a wonderful idea! It’s apparently very economical and a great way to recycle. A quick internet search brought up several websites that will rent college textbooks. I’ll have to research this as soon as I get through Spring term!

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I purchased my books for English Comp I, Values of World Literature, and Elementary Algebra. The total you ask? $366.37. That’s for used textbooks. As the bookstore employee put my books in a bag she said, “These English books will take you through English Comp II as well.” Thankfully, that will ease the cost of textbooks over the summer when I take English Comp II.

Tuesday afternoon I went to Colorado Technical University to buy my textbooks for the next term. I’ve been pretty lucky up until now. Other than my initial investment of my stenograph machine and the stenography theory textbooks, court reporting was pretty easy on the book budget. Yes, I was spoiled. Since my conversion to the Paralegal Studies Program, I’m learning what a normal college textbook budget looks like.