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The Last Star: The Final Book of The 5th Wave


Death Dealers in the 13th century.

Mehler and Loyd, who have worked together as dealers and in casino management, say training opportunities for dealers are rare in Oklahoma, hence the idea for their new business.

Vincent Smothers wears death all over his body. The self-professed hit man is tattooed on his arms, back, legs and chest — permanent reminders of friends and loved ones who died before him. The names, tombstones and dates of their deaths are impressively etched on his 6-foot-1 lanky frame.

Viktor and his Elite Death Dealers preparing to face the Lycans.

Like the weapons of the previous century, we too would become obsolete. Pity, because I lived for it.
—Selene, on being a Death Dealer in the 21st century.

That happy couple at the car dealership, back by popular demand.

After the death of Sonja, the Death Dealers are amassed to seek out Lucian, who has escaped from the Coven with Sonja's pendant. While the Death Dealers are able to kill most of the escaped Lycans, Lucian flees after shifting into his Lycan form.

Death Dealers appear in the non-canon novel , led by Viktor and his wife, . In , the Death Dealers are shown attacking and kidnapping Lycans for use as slaves. In the year 1202, a group of Death Dealers are attacked and killed by a group of humans led by the charismatic . In retaliation for this, Viktor launches an attack on the the group hails from, where the Death Dealers revel in the murders of countless innocent civilians, including children.