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The 2-Day Diet: Diet two days a week. Eat the Mediterranean way for five.


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‘The 2 Day Diet’ is by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell who wanted to find a viable way of helping people lose weight quickly and sustainably as they recognised weight loss as one of the most important factors in cancer prevention but also realised most of the people they worked with were unable to succeed despite often trying several approaches.

Having had an extremely complicated relationship with food the 2 Day Diet still seems too regulated for me despite the flexibility it offers. When food and eating is such a big part of every day life I have found that the easiest way to lose and maintain a healthy weight is when you can adapt to whatever is going on around you whether it’s Thanksgiving at your aunt’s house, meetings over lunch or eating cake at a friend’s birthday. These sorts of situations come up all the time and it needs to be easy to work with them. I appreciate the balanced view this guest author included in the article though because it allows people to get a sense of whether or not this diet would work for them.

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Easiest Weight Loss Plan Ever ..

Just six pages are spent summarising the principles of the 2 Day Diet, which is fine by me - the original book had to establish the research credentials of the method, and a great deal of space was devoted to "FAQs", some of which seemed a bit repetitive. Harvie and Howell both became involved in this work researching ways to prevent cancers - primarily breast cancer - and the proceeds of this book, like the last, go to Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention. There are then 76 pages devoted to restricted day diets, just under 50 to unrestricted days - 43 and 22 recipes respectively - and then a dozen pages are devoted to a summary of nutritional information, information on serving sizes, ready-reckoners and meal planners.

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