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I listened to a CBC Radio interview probably 10 or 15 years ago where the successful writer being interviewed said that Julia Cameron's book, the Artists Way, had changed her life. She praised the book so much that I did something I rarely did back then, I wrote down the title, found the book and bought it. At that time I didn't have a lot of money, so I got it second hand. I still have it, and whenever I am feeling down or defeated, I flip it open to any random page and just read, it always cheers me up, inspires me and gets me back on track. Julia is so positive and so wise. Her kind words and generous loving spirit are motherly and soothing in this sometimes harsh world. What is not to like?

A beautifully designed deluxe collection of 64 full-color cards that convey the feel and essence of Julia Cameron s life-transforming bestseller, "The Artist s Way."The perfect gift that offers daily inspiration and creative direction. Keep creative with these 64 gorgeous cards! Each full-color card contains a vital quote from Julia Cameron's classic bestseller, The Artist's Way. In addition, each card contains a different creative quality pick any card to be inspired and lovingly guided by Julia's wise words. A perfect gift for the artists in your life, and for everyone who wants to live more creatively!"

": Good Morning Pages with Jamie & Paula with the Artist Way Project

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When Julia Cameron began sharing her ideas about with a few friends in her living room 25 years ago, she never imagined that these conversations were leading her to a gold mine (both artistic and financial).Since its publication in 1992, Cameron’s landmark book, The Artists Way, has helped millions of people around the world to discover–and recover– their creativity through daily, free writing exercises she calls Morning Pages.

Two albums and one broken up band into my musical career, I felt frustrated, washed up, and certain that I would never amount to anything as a solo artist. The Artist Way course helped me get in touch with why I started making music in the first place; the joy and love of art. I’m about to start recording my first solo album and I know I wouldn’t be here without the work I was able to do in the class. It was amazing beyond...