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Black Album

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An alleged printer’s proof for the CD and cassette versions of the 1994 release of the Black Album



The Black Album


The Black Album is a 2003 hip hop album by rapper Jay-Z

So why should we care about The Black Album? As a creator, Prince is an extremely prolific artist, having released over twenty studio albums, and charted countless singles. What would we be missing if The Black Album had never seen the light of day? Well, dear reader, we would be missing an entire era of Prince’s life. The album shines a far more piercing light than ever before on his sexuality and party scene tendencies, while proving his understanding of changing musical trends. The Black Album lets the listener know just how funky that man can get, and calls out all those who believed he was only making albums for the general public. Overall, The Black Album takes listeners to a new level of sexy funk. Its lack of availability truly is a sad loss for all those needing more Prince in their lives.

Despite it’s withdrawal, 100 or so promotional copies were still in circulation around Europe. Given its controversial status, the title became a heavily desired item, and bootleg copies were then manufactured. For years now, fans and collectors alike have heavily sought after bootlegs of The Black Album.

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  • Before its official release in 1994, "The Black Album" was widely considered to be the most bootlegged album of all time by any artist.
  • The planned 1987 release carried the catalogue numbers (9)-25677-1 (for the vinyl), (9)-25677-2 (for the CD) and WX 147 (in the UK).
  • Some copies exist from the original 1987 pressing.
  • UK Press release published on 14 Nov. 1994 by Wea Records, London, UK:
    black In black

    After seven years, Prince's infamous lost classic, The Black Album, is about to see the light of day. To be released on 21st november, The Black Album (shelved in 1987 just days prior to it's original release date) has been the subject of endless discussion, achieving mythical status in the process.

    The Lp itself features some of the heaviest funk workout's of Prince's career, "Rockhard In A Funky Place", "SUPERFUNKYCALIFRAGISEXY", and Le Grind", the brutally funny "Bob George", the low-down "2 Nigs United 4 West Compton" and the perfect pop of "When 2 R In Love" (a totally different version of the track featured on the "Lovesexy" Lp).

    The album will only be available until 31st january 1995. After that, it's history.
    Going down.

The Black Album - Jay-Z | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

In my employee days, I borrowed a bootleg copy of The Black Album from Streetlight and looped up the Bob George drums, resulting in one of my lowest-fidelity recordings to date (and that’s really saying something). If you’re feeling brave, you can peep it here, second song down:

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