The truth about vodka according to the Bluth family.

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We can’t wait to see what season 5 will bring to the Bluth family.

So we'll kick things off with 's eternally dickish Michael Bluth: The level-headed, responsible son who's constantly caught up in the Bluth s***storm of insanity. Firmly entrenched within a family of criminals, drunks, idiots, never-nudes and, um, illusionists, the candy bean-craving Michael spends every waking moment trying to keep his world from spiraling out of control and the family business from collapsing. It's no wonder he's only had sex with four women!

Meet the wildly dysfunctional Bluth family. This family was once at the height of real estate development in Orange County, California. But when the family business - the Bluth Company - goes bust, they're suddenly found penniless with their assets frozen. They move into their last remaining asset - the model home left over from their latest housing tract. Their luxury vehicles are replaced with a reminder of the family's former wealth - the stair car that accompanied their private jet. The patriarch of the family is George Bluth - he's now in prison, and loving every minute of it. His wife Lucille and daughter Lindsay are spoiled socialites who can't handle getting kicked out of family restaurants. His son Buster is in his mid 30's and lives at home. His son George Oscar Bluth is a magician who started a group to get magicians to be taken seriously - and gets kicked out when his own tricks are revealed. Lindsay is married to a man named Tobias Funke, once a psychiatrist, who decides ... Written by

The Bluth Animators circa 1989.

  • Butt Monkey: Seriously, the Bluths can't catch a break. They've been humiliated on TV, physically beaten, have a horrible track record when it comes to relationships, and their company can't seem to stay afloat even when it looks like it'll pull through.
  • The Bluths, Arrested Development

    Eeeek…I’m behind on my posts! I met up with the wonderful Bluth Family several weeks ago and have been so eager to share their images. Photographing this family was such an amazing experience! They were reuniting for a quick weekend together (some of the kids live as far away as Connecticut & Arizona)…so the session was truly meant capture a very special gathering. Thank you for asking me to document your time together as a family, Bluths. I truly felt privileged to capture your love for one another.

    The information for this chart came from the U.S. Immigration Collection at Ancestry. You can find out where the majority of the Bluth families were living before they immigrated to the U.S and learn where to focus your search for foreign records.