10. The Dead Zone (David Cronenberg, 1983)

The Dead Zone

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Alright while I got my survivors cleaning up a pile for an hour and half I’m going to attempt to write a walkthrough that will be very useful for newcomers to on facebook based off what I learned and the mistakes I made since I started this awesomely addicting game.
UPDATE- Looking for games like The Last Stand: Dead Zone that are not on facebook? These are single player – Try these out one is the prequel by conartistgames:
– Freely roam the city and scavenge with your party members in a side scrolling view.
– For the whole compound management and survivor strategy experience and still with zombies.
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“Dude why is the angle of your screenshot weird?” In the bottom right hand corner you see those arrows next to the zoom in and zoom out buttons (+ and -) That will left you flip the angle so you can see on the other side of your compound. Looks like a refresh button so alot of people end up just avoiding pressing it at all.

An epilogue, "Notes from the Dead Zone", intersperses excerpts from letters from Johnny to his loved ones, a "Q & A" transcript of a purported (chaired by real-life Maine Senator ) investigation of Johnny's attempt to assassinate Stillson, and a narrative of Sarah's visit to Johnny's grave. Sarah feels a brief moment of psychic contact with Johnny's spirit and drives away comforted.

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  • Joe McClatchey mentioned reading The Dead Zone on his blog in 2009.
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    If The Dead Zone had followed through on its strong first half I have no doubt I would be finishing this review talking about how I had just watched another great David Cronenberg film. Sadly The Dead Zone is a completely different film in its second half, and a much worse film. This isn’t another great David Cronenberg film, rather The Dead Zone is one of the rare misses from Mr. Cronenberg. The premise is interesting, and I can’t fault Mr. Walken for his great performance, but the final product leaves a lot to be desired.

    John Smith, who awakened from an interminable coma with an accursed power—the power to see the future and the terrible fate awaiting mankind in The Dead Zone.