The Demonica Series by Larissa Ione.

Sin Undone (A Demonica Novel)


The Demonica Series - Larissa Ione

The Demonica series begins with Pleasure Unbound, published in 2008, and finally comes to a close seven books later in Vampire Fight Club, a short story published in 2011.

The Demonica series is structured to follow a different hero and heroine with each book. This includes the Dhampire Conall, a werewolf/vampire hybrid that works as a paramedic at the underworld hospital, and who finds his life ruined by lustful urges for Sin, the woman responsible for unleashing a devastating virus.

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  • In the Demonica series, she has about 6 novels, ..

    Outside the Demonica series, Larrisa has produced several Novellas and short stories such as Eternity Embraced, Demonica: Overkill and vampire fight Club. She has also produced four books within the Lords of Deliverance Series, a spin-off of the Demonica series.

    The second installment in the Demonica Series manages to supersede even the brilliance of the first, with many readers quick to commend the book for basically having exceeded their expectations.