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The Devil's Advocate

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When I first saw The Devils advocate I was in amazement of how good itwas. I was thinking about it for a long time after and when I got tocatch it recently on TV it made me think about it all over again and itthis time raises some questions and.

I didn’t find it as good the second time round. I have watched it manytimes since I first saw but the recent viewing I was paying moreattention than ever. I still think Keanu Reeves was maybe not right asKevin Lomax. He has great moments but I think he has to many momentswhere he is trying to act is ass off and making it look obvious. Is itme or in some scenes where Keanu is talking he sounds like Elvis withhis accent. Just a thought. Al Pacino was perfect as John Milton butagain he was a bit over the top but makes up for it in his charm andcharisma which he tackles head on easily through the movie. The bestacting we get here is from Charlize Theron which is no surprise to meconsidering how well she has done since in films like Monster. Thestory doesn’t really kick off till the very end where everythingunfolds very fast to a massive climax which without this film wouldhave failed badly. I don’t know much about Taylor Hackford’s previouswork but I am impressed with how he handled The Devils Advocate and ifhe directs an y others films of this caliber then he might be poised towin an huge award of sort. The film is just not about paranormal goingson with Satan, it is also a law film which actually makes being alawyer look like a lot of fun with a lot of tension thrown in. If anyadrenaline junkie wanted to go for a mainstream job then a lawyer wouldbe his cup of tea as Kevin Lomax will show you.

With Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, Charlize Theron, Jeffrey Jones

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