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Directory of Mail Order Catalogs


The Directory of mail order catalogs : ..

"The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs is the dream of all shoppers who like to receive catalogs in the mail; there is a catalog in here for everyone, ranging from clothing, toys, and furniture...The most impressive thing about the Directory is the sheer number of print catalogs it contains."

Two examples of mail order catalog directories are Grey House Publishing's The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs and The National Directory of Catalogs from Oxbridge Communications. Grey House Publishing offers its directory of catalogs in an online version as well as the hardbound book.

The directory of mail order catalogs

  • Directory of Mail Order Catalogs with Business to Business Catalogs: The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs : Includes Separate Section on Business to Business Catalogs (2007, Paperback) From $24.20
  • The directory of mail order catalogs.

    The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs reflects over twenty years of in-depth, cumulative research. The growth and continued success of this resource, along with its sister publication The Directory of Business-to-Business Catalogs, reinforces the National Mail Order Association’s recent predictions, that mail order companies who use electronic products as a supplement, rather than a replacement for print catalogs, will surpass those companies that limit their sales exclusively to the Internet. The latest statistics show catalog sales to be $125.7 billion, and are expected to inflate to $163.1 billion in the next two years. Of that total, the consumer catalog sector anticipates an increase of nearly 30%, over $99 billion.

    This brand new 2006 edition provides up-to-date, unique, hard-to-find data, all in a single volume. The detailed listings include only catalogs that are offered in print—totaling almost 10,500 entries, organized into 43 chapters and 220 sub-chapters. Each listing provides not only basic contact information (phone, fax, address, web site, email) but also other important company data, such as company size, type of products offered, number of pages in the catalog, and frequency of mailing. Plus, the entries include printing and binding methods, annual sales, average order size, and names of key executives. The amount of information contained here, and the user-friendly format of The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs, saves hours of research time and effort for its users.