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An example of this in day-to-day situations would be a long hallway. The optimum situation would be a wall coating where the gloss reflectance is the same (or very similar) at both 60° and 85°. With this a person walking along the hall would not notice a sheen difference even though the angle to the wail was ever changing as the person continued walking.

In the earlier days of commercial paint manufacture, the ranges for gloss were limited to flat, semi-gloss, and gloss. Since then, many manufacturers developed subdivisions of these, particularly between Flat and semi-gloss. As many of these subdivisions were made on a regional basis, there are now many deviations from a uniform categorization. For example, according to one manufacturer satin is between 6 and 12 units at 60°, whereas another lists it as from 15 to 25 units at the same 60°. Some have it below eggshell, and still others have it above eggshell measured at the same angle. Among various other gloss names created are platinum, pearl, melamine, velvet, eggshell, and satin. The names were chosen presumably to reflect the very literal, but very subjective, description of the surface.

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  • The way Gloss was killed mirrors how Marvel was killed. Both Marvel and Gloss kill one of Katniss' female allies (Rue for Marvel, and Wiress for Gloss), only to be killed by Katniss herself.
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    The gloss level of a coating is influenced by surface roughness. In a paint or coating, the protrusion of pigment particles through the resin or binder layer causes the diffraction of the light, and a dullness is visible. Where the pigment is completely coated by the resin, the surface is smoother and the angular light is reflected unhindered, producing a glossy appearance, not unlike a polished glass surface.

    When it came to the Into the Gloss offices in New York, it was essential to the brand that the space communicated their effortless chic vibe. CEO and founder Emily Weiss worked with Homepolish cofounder Noa Santos and designer Andrea Perez to bring vibrancy to the office while still maintaining a focus on clean, white space.