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The Heir (The Selection)


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i really waiting for this drama... I'm willing to see Min Ho, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Kim Wo Bin..Lee Min Ho always played in great dramas..he has good looking, good acting, and good fashion style..(please dont make him wears pink stuff).. im wondering of Choi Jin Hyuk acts (because i really love his role in Gu Family Book as Gu Wool Ryung..so handsome and really good acting skill).. Kim Wo Bin usually acts as high school student, i think he will be great as usual like in his drama School 2013 and Gentlemens Dignity... But for female role i love Suzy more than Park Shin Hye...The Heirs, i'm waiting for youuu... (^^)/

only a month left!!! im gonna watch this because of krystal,choi jin hyuk and kang ha neul, i think i saw the storyline from somewhere, park shin hye is the heir of the poor, krystal's first love and ex boyfriend was lee min ho, but kang min hyk will heal her broken heart, kag min hyuk is park shin hye's bestfriend here, as for kang ha neul he's in love with the teacher as well as choi jin hyuk, arhhh, i just cant wait, u should also watch master's sun previously occupied time slot, after MASTER'S SUN?, THE HEIRS THEN MAN FROM STARS STARRING KIM SOO HYUN AND JON JI HYUN!!!! WHAT A GOOD LINE UP!!

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Gabrielle1 More than 1 year ago
If you liked the first three books in the Selection Series, you will love this one just as much! What excites me the most is that after reading The Heir we know that there have to be more books coming in the future. The only downfall is that I read this book in 3 days and now I have to wait a long time for the next one :(

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please stop high expectation about this movie, you could turn any great movie into a dull one. if you realy love them ( as I do), please do not put more pressure into it as they already have much to handle. Let them enjoy making the movie as much as we' ll enjoy watching it. Best wishes to The Heirs team :-)

I dont really like park shinhye.. her acting is just so-so to me and all of her character seems to be the same. I was excited when I heard she got casted for The Heir which rumoured to be like Korean Gossip Girl, I was like "wow park shinhye playing a glamour full of confidence girl? I gotta watch it! maybe I'll like her..!" but turns out her character is the same poor innocent girl >__