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The Joy of Sex: The Ultimate Revised Edition


Illustrating 'The Joy Of Sex' Involved Trickery, Porn

Now more than ever, The Joy of Sex is for people who want to make their lovemaking richer and more exciting. Complete with elegant photographs and superb drawings that capture in full, frank detail the intimacy of the act of love, it is undoubtedly a contemporary classic.">

Looking back from a distance of more than three decades, there's something hilariously off about sexologist Alex Comfort's best-selling ode to getting it on, The Joy of Sex. That groundbreaking first edition, published in 1972, brims with hippie wisdom, general male cluelessness — and hair. A woman's armpits, it counseled, "should on no account be shaved," as not to soften their furry eroticism, and deodorant for both sexes was to be "banned absolutely." In the book's once-notoriously explicit charcoal illustrations of acrobatic sex acts, the woman's hirsute lover, in retrospect, bears a sidesplitting resemblance to the GEICO caveman. And the manual, which describes female genitalia as "slightly scary" to some men, offers strategies for the "defloration" of women.

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The New Joy Of Sex : How Times Have Changed

Beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated, The Joy of Sex provides a fresh view of sexuality in the 21st century. Filled with provocative illustrations and 16 pages of new full-color photography, the updated text continues to discuss a wide range of subjects in practical detail while still maintaining Dr. Alex Comfort’s no-nonsense yet fun approach to matters of the libido. The Joy of Sex remains the most comprehensive sex manual on the market. From current concerns about health and practicing responsible sex to the risks presented by AIDS and other venereal diseases, Dr. Comfort contends with every aspect of our sexual territory. Above all, this remarkable book emphasizes the importance of a happy and relaxed sexuality in our lives.

It's not that The Joy of Sex lacks intentional humor, especially in the hands of this edition's "reinventor," U.K. relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam. Any sex guide that refers to a woman's post-coital attempts to re-arouse her male partner as "corpse reviving" is OK with us. It's just that the book's refusal to be indelicate extends even to its core mission: the promotion of healthy sexuality. Limited to just three of nearly 300 pages, the crucial discussion of STDs and safe sex is treated like a buzzkill.