Fire Star (The Last Dragon Chronicles Series #3)

The Fire Ascending (Last Dragon Chronicles)


(The third book in the Last Dragon Chronicles series)

Instead of writing for Camp NaNo I’ve been…reading The Fire Ascending by Chris d'Lacey. The last book in the Last Dragon Chronicles series and I just can’t handle this…too many feels. I started reading this series when I was ten years old and I’ve kept reading as the books were released. My love of dragons didn’t begin with these books but it certainly helped it grow. These books made me look at writing and creativity differently as David Rain wrote and changed reality or Liz crafted dragons out of clay.

did the last dragon chronicles series end?
why is Fire World in a different universe?
is Fire World the sequel to The Last Dragon chronicles?

(The fifth book in the Last Dragon Chronicles series)

The Last Dragon Chronicles

The Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris D'Lacey. --- EDIT 4/5/13: There are now seven books. --- The Fire Within: ...



The last dragon chronicles

Fire & Ice The Dragon Chronicles trailer

I just got a new Movie editor program, and my first try in my new program was this video... videos from me will get better as i get more use to this program.

The Last Dragon | A Fantasy Made Real

Dragon's world, fantasy made real, Myths and legends of dragons, Frictional story of prehistoric dragons described as the story of "the natural history of the most ...

The Last Dragon Chronicles!

Hey guys! This is my favourite series! I made this video with Pagan Adams! Subscribe to Pagan Adams! Make sure you hit the like button in the face! - Aparri Cya!

Tiffany Wells Talks About The Last Dragon Chronicles Book Review

What I did over the Summer of 2012. Not bad for a mom in her 30's.

The Last Dragon Chronicles - The Fire Ascending - Book Cover Revealed

Real Cover of The Fire Ascending.

The Dragon Chronicles (Nature Documentary, Full Length)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Last Dragon Chronicles: The Connections part 1/4

Yes, everyone who has read Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and a few of you who have read Last Dragon Chronicles, here is a video about how these 2 ...

The Last Dragon Chronicles Series

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Last Dragon Chronicles Synopsis: Rain and Fire: A Guide to the Last Dragon Chronicles by Jay & Chris d’Lacey is a non-fiction companion book to the Last Dragon Chronicles series. The book will not only appeal to fans of the series, but also fans of dragons in general. Rain and Fire includes profiles of all of the characters, details on the backgrounds and settings featured in the series, and also delves into climate change. The book is complete with illustrations and photographs.