The Left Right Nativity Game is one of my favorite party games!


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Left – Right And Pass the Gift Games

I am sure you will find at least a couple games that you just have to take with you to that upcoming party you are planning. We made it good by have a few easy games you can use as ice breakers and even the left right game to get you moving and laughing at the same time.

The left right game is an ornament swap game. Everyone brings a $5.00 wrapped ornament (or other gift) to the party. As the hostess reads the story aloud, participants pass their gift to depending on the story. When the story is over, whatever gift you're holding is the prize that you take home.

The Left-Right Christmas Game: Pass It On!

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Right Left Christmas Stories - Scouting Web

The left and right game is a gift exchange game involving inexpensive gifts or gag gifts. It's often played for Christmas, but it's equally fun at birthday parties, and showers.

Our left right story games all have specific themes, such as the Birthday Left Right Game and the New Year's Right Left Game. Most are rhyming stories, sure to get big laughs!