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The Long List Anthology: More Stories from the Hugo Awards Nomination List (The Long List Anthology Series) (Volume 1)


The Long List of Things that are Imaginary

I have many of the symptoms on the LONG list…but have yet to visit an endo doctor. I am getting conflicting reports on what is the ‘range’ of TSH numbers on blood tests. My doctor said the high end is 5.0 yet other sites I have researched say 3 something. My figure is not too much over 5.0 (it is 5.35). My general practitioner said she would prescribe meds for me…but I am already on high cholesterol meds and wanted to hold off and check again in six month. Now I read that the thyroid may be what is making my cholesterol number so high! (It was 299 without statin drugs…and is 238 while taking 40m daily of Pravastatin.) I am thinking I may bypass the general practitioner all together and make an appt with a thyroid specialist…
So confusing…

Standler settled deeper into the seat of his car and flipped open the battered copy of Hamlet, scrolled down the long list of names he had scrawled on the last page. What a fucking week, suspended and out on bail, looking at manslaughter charges. He was parked in front of the police chief’s suburban home, waiting for the fat fuck to arrive home from work. He eyed the long list and sipped from a pint of Wild Turkey, washed it down with a warm Budweiser, and thought to himself,

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I read the incredibly long list and wow… every symptom i have had for the past 5 years is on that list. Now my doctor is saying my thyroid is enlarged but my blood work says i am in normal range. What the heck???

The Long List of the Ents is a list of living creatures that the , and presumably other as well, learned when he was young. When he first meets and , he is puzzled by them because are not in the list.