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Smurfette found her locket and decided to keep it when she called out to whoever lost it and got no response. As she wore it, though, the magic locket granted things that Smurfette wished for, though not in the way she intended them to be fulfilled and mostly without her being aware that the locket was granting her wishes. First, Greedy's house was full of flowers. Secondly, Greedy was turned into a walking fiddle when Smurfette wished that he was up and about and "fit as a fiddle". Thirdly, Jokey became a literal philosophical giant when Smurfette wished he'd "grow up and get serious". And fourthly, Grouchy's attitude became overly cheery.

Hogatha, who as a frog was left alone in the village when that wish was fulfilled, sought after Gargamel and found him back in his castle with her locket. Although Gargamel had thrown Hogatha out, she came back in to provide a distraction so that the Smurfs could escape from being in the locked box. As Gargamel chased after the escaping Smurfs, he slipped on a ball of string and fell, causing the magic locket to fall off him. Hogatha grabbed it and used it to change back to her original form, then grabbed Smurfette with the intention of using her as her servant girl. Smurfette then grabbed Hogatha's locket and threw it to Papa Smurf, who then threw it into the fire in Gargamel's stove, destroying it so that nobody could use its power anymore. As it was destroyed, the transformed Smurfs were changed back to normal, and Hogatha disappeared in a green mist, saying that when the locket is destroyed, so is she.

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I will hand make this stunning magic locket that is so exquisite looking as well as magically charged to draw to you abundant blessings and your wishes. This locket is so special that I am offering it to a new client that hires me for one year service. Here I am offering separately, (just the magic locket only - without 1 year of service) to ONLY TWO MORE LUCKY PEOPLE. I will hand make it for you and cast the spell over it over the course of a week. It is magically charged, Reiki attuned and Will also be personally attuned to you. The blessings that this can manifest for you are amazing and unlimited. You do not have to wear it to reap the benefits, you can keep it in your home if desired.

With over 4.1 million copies in print, Elizabeth Koda-Callan's Magic Charm Books is the little series that could. Now, "The Magic Locket" takes a dramatic new turn with a fresh redesign featuring a new cover and an irresistible 5" x 6 1 2" trim size--a smaller book for smaller hands, and the perfect stocking stuffer. The look is contemporary, yet as classic as the story inside, with its ageless message of "Good things happen when you believe in yourself." And, of course, nestled inside the cover is a charm on a matching gold or silver chain.