The Datalogic Memor X3 is also known as the Data Logic Memor X3

Kastar 295A Computer Memory Saver


Resetting the DataLogic Memor ..

All of this means that the Datalogic Memor can be used as a full-function phone in addition to everything else it does. And unlike many other Windows Mobile devices that include phone functionality, the Memor's keypad and clearly marked phone and function buttons make it easy to use as a phone. About the only thing that is missing is Tegic T9 predictive text entry.

To use the Memor as a phone, you push the green phone button or select "Phone" from the menu. The phone application shows the last call, an onscreen keypad, and access to call logs and speed dial. The call log provides summary info about the number of calls and call time. Individual call log entries provide one-button call-back or SMS messaging as well as access to any notes that may be attached to a call. Or you can create a new Contacts entry automatically. If you use the speakerphone function, you can even take notes during a call. The note will have the caller's name, the phone number, and the time of the call already on it. Volume for the phone can be set separately from the system itself and you can make conference calls.

Upgrading to the Datalogic Memor™ barcode reader

  • Pros

    Fast film scans (slides and negatives). Scanning is simple and fully automatic.
  • Cons

    Relatively low resolution for film. No control over scan settings.
  • Bottom Line

    The Memor-ease Digital Film Converter from Pacific Image Electronics makes film scanning quick and easy, but with less-than-ideal resolution and image quality.

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Any of those input methods, once mastered, work very well. The many different ways in which you can enter data into documents is definitely a strong point of Windows Mobile. And for those who need to type a lot of data into the Memor there's always a standard keyboard. Yes, if you have the proper cable you can connect a standard USB keyboard directly into the Memor.

During our review I used the SIM from one of my AT&T phones in the Memor and it worked right off the bat. The Memor's speaker is strong and voice quality is better than in many of today's tiny, tinny cellphones. In addition, the phone extensions in Windows Mobile are nicely integrated deeply into the device and quite useful