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What can we take from the names of God?

In The Name of God

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The name means god is gracious.

Names Of God


The Names of God


SGLY Ministry has published the Names of God.

If their image of God is “the man upstairs” with a big stick just watching and waiting until they make a mistake- then they wouldn’t believe or know His amazing love for them. Studying the names that God has given himself in Scripture reveals the truth about Him. It is the truth that will set a person free. Free to connect with God and have a personal relationship with Him.

Throughout the month of July, the Do Not Depart team will be exploring some of the names of God found in Scripture. Our goal is to understand, embrace, and actively respond to the truths God reveals to us about Himself through His names. I can hardly wait!

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In the Bible, the many names of God express His character, nature, and ways. Although our finite minds can never fully know or understand our infinite God, we can learn more about God by studying His names in Scripture. God has chosen to reveal specific things about Himself and graciously help us better understand His character and nature through His names.

2. Find the English meaning of the Hebrew name for God. Unless you know a little bit about Hebrew and can use a lexicon, you will have to find out the Strong’s number for the Hebrew word – then you can look up a Strong’s Concordance and discover its English meaning.