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Many companies operate a hodgepodge of record keeping methods, Neal-Kababick said. Companies often have electronic project management tools, but still keep their lab records on paper. Or they might have a version of a LIMS, but still output the results of their various pieces on lab equipment on paper. Contract manufacturers seem especially prone to these situations, he said, as they deal with so many different customers, many of whom might have different specific requirements for how they want their testing data recorded. These hybrid systems, composed of different parts brought on at different times, are most prone to contain one or more non-compliant parts, Neal-Kababick said.

How to fold the world record paper airplane. John Collins design, Suzanne, broke the Guinness World Record for distance in 2012. The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book contains the world record paper airplane design and instructions.

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    In November 2001, The Record newspaper did an article about McCobb's. The text of the article appears below. You can also read the original article as a PDF file by clicking the picture to the right (opens in a new window).

    It's the classic, world's bestselling paper airplane book, grounded in the aerodynamics of paper and abounding with fun. "The World Record Paper Airplane Book" raises paper airplane making to a unique, unexpected art. This new edition boasts four brand-new models: "Stiletto," "Spitfire," "Galactica," and "Sting Ray." Added to its hangar of proven fliers--including "Valkyrie," "Hammerhead," "Vortex," "Condor," "Pterodactyl," and, of course, the famous "World Record Paper Airplane"--that makes twenty airworthy designs. Each is swathed in all-new, attention-grabbing graphics and is ready to tear out, fold, and fly. There are at least five models for each design and all-important instructions for how to adjust and throw each plane for best flight.
    But the planes are just the beginning. The book features tons of cool information on aerodynamics, competitions, and designing your own high-performing models. Readers will learn why paper airplanes fly (and why they crash), the history of Ken Blackburn's world record, and how to organize and win contests. Also included is a flight log and pull-out runway for practicing accuracy.