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The Revision Revised - Dean John William Burgon

A Great Need. In this year of 1998,there is still a very great need to understand Dean John William Burgon's WARNINGSconcerning revision, either of the Greek Textus Receptus or of the King James Bible. Dean Burgon, the master textualist, had some very important WARNINGS in his scholarlybook, The Revision Revised. The Dean Burgon Society has reprinted this fine volumein a 640 page hardback beautiful edition. It is available as B.F.T. #611 @ $25.00+$5.00 S&H. The readers are encouraged to study this book and check out the pagereferences for themselves.

The importance of this book cannot be underestimated. There is no one book that exposes Westcott and Hort's false Greek Text and false Greek theory behind that text any more thoroughly and convincingly than The Revision Revised. Dean Burgon defends the traditional text of the New Testament. He shows clearly the defects in both manuscript "B" (Vaticanus) and manuscript "Aleph" (Sinaiticus). It is very important to see the arguments contained in this historic volume because virtually the same Greek text of Westcott and Hort (1881) FORMS THE BASIS OF ALMOST ALL OF THE MODERN VERSIONS AND PERVERSIONS. See the Appendix, pages 2-3.

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The appendix of this edition shows conclusively that the false revised Greek text andtheory of Westcott and Hort are virtually identical to the false revised Greek text andtheory of Nestle-Aland and the United Bible Society. Therefore, The Revision Revised formsa strong basis for a refutation of the false Greek texts and theories rampant today whichform the basis for the modern English versions.

B. How Will This Study Be Made? ThoughDean John William Burgon, in his many books, touches on this theme in various places, thisstudy will concern itself with only one of those works, namely The Revision Revised. Hisbook was originally three articles reprinted from the Quarterly Review--(1) "The NewGreek Text;" (2) "The New English Version;" and (3) "Westcott andHort's New Textual Theory." This Re- vision Revised is available either from TheBible For Today or from the Dean Burgon Society for a gift to either of these groups of$25.00 + $5.00 S&H. Ask for #611. The Dean Burgon Society reprinted this book inhardback in 1997. With this book back in print, the reader will be able to check eachquotation from Dean Burgon and to see for himself that I have quoted accurately and fullyat every point of this study. The Revision Revised had as its major contribution andobjective the consideration of this very question. After the appearance in 1881 of boththe Westcott and Hort Greek textual revision of the Textus Receptus and of the EnglishRevised Version revision of the time-honored King James Bible, just exactly what dideither or both of them actually accomplish? In Dean Burgon's mind, was it then time tobring out a Greek textual revision as they had made at the time? The answer is"No." Was it even then the time to bring out a Greek textual revision alongother lines such as Dean Burgon himself would espouse? The answer is "No." Wasit then the time to bring out a revision of the King James Bible such as the EnglishRevised Version (E.R.V.)? The answer is "No." Was it even the time to bring outa revision of the King James Bible in any form? The answer again is "No." Forproof of this assessment, please continue reading this study carefully. You will discoverwhy my conclusion is accurate. Extensive quotation has been made from Dean Burgon'sRevision Revised so as to put into his own words his WARNINGS and pre- requisites formajor revision either of the New Testament Greek text or of the Traditional English text,the Authorized King James Bible.