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So, I kept wondering: What is my problem here? Why do the Ron Clark Story, the Ron Clark interviews on Oprah, The Essential 55, and the Ron Clark Academy leave me with this gut level discomfort? Am I guilty because he has made a much greater personal investment in his students that I am willing or able to make? Do I resent the recognitions and the excitement of taking students to the White House, winning the Disney award, and having one's very own movie? Is it the $17,500 he gets for a speaking engagement that makes me jealous? Am I so mired in tired educational platitudes that I see more problems than potential in a middle school curriculum framed on travel to every continent except Antarctica?

The Ron Clark Story focuses on Mr. Clark’s first full year of teaching at an urban school in Harlem, NY. There are many rich scenes throughout this film, however for purposes of this analysis I will focus on three consecutive scenes that stand out the most. I will focus mainly on the “President’s Rap” lesson scene.

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The Ron Clark Story is about a man who reluctantly became a teacher and changed many lives, eventually opening his own school in Atlanta.

I like it because it shows how we never know what God's plan for us may be and that we can do extraordinary things we never expected ourselves to do. I think it would be best for older children, 10 and up.

It benefits homeschooled children, giving them a glimpse into the public school world, both the good and the bad. Plus, it might open their eyes to a career they may not have thought of -- becoming a teacher.

Is it replicable? Part of what makes The Ron Clark Story compelling is it's Cinderella quality. Ron Clark had the courage to bet everything on a classroom of fifth graders and it ends happily as they all go to the ball. Most teachers lack the time, the stamina, the connections and the charisma to do what Ron Clark did.