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The Sicilian


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Published in 1984, The Sicilian is the second book in the Mafia series after The Godfather. It tells of Michael Corleone’s time in Sicily during his exile. It is often regarded as a sequel to The Godfather. The Sicilian is set in Sicily and depicts a beautiful picture in the minds of the readers about Sicily. The Sicilian was praised by critics and was a commercial success. It is a must read for all Mafia and Mario Puzo fans.

Thank you for reading. The Godfather is a great book, no doubt. Have you read The Sicilian? It is about Micheal Corleone’s stay in Sicily. It is often regarded as a sequel to The Godfather.

The Sicilian is a novel by Italian-American author Mario Puzo

Sicily, the motherland of the Cosa Nostra. A beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea infested with unlimited series of vendettas, crimes and assassinations. The clans that rule the island are fighting still to control it. Fight your opponent and dare to "make him an offer he can't refuse"!
Recommended with Martini and the “Godfather II” musical score.

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Omerta is the Sicilian code for silence. Published in 2000, after Puzo’s death, the novel is about Italian American mafia don and how he protects his empire. It was the last novel of the Mafia trilogy by Mario Puzo after he Godfather and The Sicilian. Mario Puzo never saw it get published. Omerta received mixed reviews by critics but is regarded as one of his finest works.

Born in 1920, Mario Puzo has written numerous novels and books. He was born in a poor family and lived in Hell’s Kitchen most of his life. Readers will find that most of his writing is inspired from life in New York and especially the Italian Americans there. His most famous books include The Godfather, The Sicilian, Omerta, The Last Don and Fools Die. Not only did Puzo write about mafia and Italian Americans but he also wrote books like The Dark Arena which is about war and soldiers. He died in 1999, and never saw his book Omerta launched. Nevertheless Mario Puzo had a wonderful career, both in writing and screenplay.