The Sower Vincent van Gogh, 1888

The Sower: Redefining the Ministry of Raising Kingdom Resources


The Parable of the Sower: series 2 of 4Matthew 13:1-23

Notice in that even Jesus knew that not everybody was going to “get it,” when he says narrow is the gate; difficult is the way that leads to life; there are few who find it. Why do you think that the parable of the sower has four different scenarios? Everyone hears, but not everyone listens and “gets it” when it comes to the word of God.

This is great – you are so right that we tend to focus on the soil and not the sower. My own blog has religious themes to it and I really do hope that it touches the heart of a person or two along the way. Even with minimal traffic, I get a comment here or there from rocky soil people, but that’s not the point. The point is – did I try?

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The parable is about the ground more than the sower. A sower goes out to the field to sow seed, and he finds that as he scatters the seed it falls on different kinds of ground. There were paths that ran through the unfenced field, and in those places the ground was beaten down so that it was too hard to receive seed, and the birds ate it. There were rocky places where the limestone bedrock was just beneath the topsoil, or where the rocks had worked through, and the seed could not take root because of the rocks. Any seed that started to grow in the shallow soil soon withered in the intense heat and died because it could not sink roots. Other seed fell under the thorns of hedgerows which took the moisture and grew up, choking the seed that had fallen among the thorns. Anyone who has visited the holy land can appreciate the rocky soil, the beaten paths, the thorn bushes—the fields are in this condition and the farmers must sow in spite of it.

Over the last few years, I’ve become convinced that the parable of the Sower (along with another horticultural-based Gospel story) is another approach to sharing the Greatest Commandment, that is, love the Lord with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength.