*The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle

The Very Lonely Firefly board book


Activity to go with the very lonely firefly for Eric Carle week!

Bulletin board for Eric Carle's "The Very Lonely Firefly using white Christmas lights. The kids made the fireflies and their butts actually light up! - I wonder if using a net of lights would work better than a string of lights?

Our classroom door decorated from the Eric Carle story The Very Lonely Firefly. Our little fireflies helped out with all the painting. From Ms Tracee and Ms Karen's firefly preschool class.

Glow in the dark fireflies for The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle

  • Submitted by Tracy Porter

    After reading The Very Lonely Firefly, my second graders each made a firefly. Each child brought in a pine cone for the body. We dipped one end of the pine cone into a mixture of glue and water, and then into a cup full of gold glitter. We let them dry for one day. Next, we glued on green pom-poms for the head and used yellow and blue colored paper for the eyes. Finally, we added pipe cleaner wings folded in the shape of a number 8 and glued them on the back of the pine cone. I recommended using a glue gun for this part. Then we painted a huge Christmas tree and hung the fireflies all over the tree. To connect this activity with our writing, we wrote letters to elderly shut-ins who might feel lonely during the holidays.

  • The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle Read Aloud by Alphabet Teacher

    7. Create a either The Grouch Ladybug or The Very Lonely Firefly story and continue the story....what happens now? OR Write Eric Carle a persuasive letter telling him the character he should pick and why. OR Design and write their own Eric Carle style 5-10 page book choosing their own character to write about.

    The Very Lonely Firefly @JoAnn Leuenberger would this be considered a sculpture? or just a 3-D object? would it even be considered art or is it a craft?