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“The Wicked Girls” is one of the best crime books that I have read, thought provoking from the word go, it’s makes for distressing but enthralling reading which is sure sign of a good crime writer.

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'The swirling mass of perceptions and happenings behind the main drama of Kirsty and Amber's past crime is what makes The Wicked Girls more than a plot-driven mystery novel. (Not that it isn't also that; Marwood sacrifices no speed, no engaging details or cliffhangers for the sake of the book's spiky undercurrent)' The Rumpus

Her first novel, The Wicked Girls, was published by Sphere, in 2012, and achieved widespread acclaim and word-of-mouth bestsellerdom. In 2013 it was shortlisted for an ITW award, and included in Stephen King's Ten Best Books of the Year list. It was published by Penguin in the US in 2013, and is shortlisted for an Edgar Allen Poe award.